How Travel Freed My Caged Body & Mind

Writing for Odyssey has allowed me an incredible opportunity to connect with a whole host of inspiring chronic & mental illness writers. These people are absolute warriors, not only for dealing with their conditions, but for sharing their stories and contributing to the overall understanding and awareness of ongoing health problems.

One particularly lovely lady has allowed me the opportunity to guest post on her personal site! August is the brains behind Survival Is A Talent  – a truly wonderful website that celebrates the open and empathic mindset of the millennial generation and the many shades of neurodiversity in an ever-changing world!

Please, please check out some of August’s amazing and insightful posts after you’ve read mine!

I have long suffered with mental and physical illness, and though my world has changed drastically, there’s one thing that keeps me going:

Click here to read the full story about how travel freed my caged body and mind!

4 thoughts on “How Travel Freed My Caged Body & Mind

    1. Thank you! I’ve been so inspired to come across many other bloggers who are doing the same thing and it really is brilliant 😀 Just goes to show that chronic illness doesn’t need to hold you back!


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