All my life I’ve felt as if I was split into two people. One had such passion and love for everything; she wanted to do the thing, visit the place, try the food, meet the people – the other was not so much fun.

Sarah number two was scared and weak and sick. She’d rear her ugly head at the most inconvenient of times and leave me curled up in bed or on the couch, writhing in pain and terrified of having to do anything.

Still, most of the time Sarah No.1 won out, and I set off on trips and adventures all over the world, each time my lust for travel grew and grew. I basked in the opportunity to immerse myself in new cultures, stand on the sites of historic events and witness the natural beauty that is all over and around us.

At the same time, Sarah No.2 was going on her own journey, in some ways a much more important journey. She refused to be crippled by all the health problems and mental illnesses that they kept labeling her with; she searched everywhere she could for ways to get better.

The journey to health is ongoing, but at least now I know that I’ve got the right map. I chose ‘Wayfaring’ Sarah because that’s what I am doing, in every sense of the word: trying to find my way through this crazy situation that life has given to me and searching every corner of the globe in the process.

So I hope you can learn something from the things I’ve experienced and learnt, or just have a laugh at some of the stickier situations I’ve found myself in. Read on and enjoy!

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